Bridge Loan & Hard Money Loan

Do You Need Capital Quickly
For Your Commercial Property?

 GSAGE Capital can help. We secure bridge loans and hard money loans through our exclusive partnerships with a variety of private investment firms.

Bridge Loans

 Bridge loans are often utilized for commercial real estate purposes. These loans can be used to facilitate property improvements or stabilize the property in order to refinance or sell. Bridge loans offer investors, real estate specialists, and business owners the capital and time to turn necessary profit.

At GSAGE Capital, our professionals offer the highest level of commercial real estate expertise. Our robust network of investors allows us to provide businesses with $1 million to $100 million, for multiple types of commercial real estate projects.

If you need cash quickly for a new property purchase or mortgage payment, you may receive funds in as little as five days. We offer an excellent turnaround time, working directly with clients to provide funding to circumvent bankruptcy, or loss of property.


Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are a speedy solution for financing, or refinancing, a real estate purchase. Don’t qualify for traditional financing or have the time for a lengthy mortgage application process? GSAGE Capital can help with commercial real estate funding.

Hard money loans are asset-based financing, in which the borrower obtains capital that is acquired by way of property. Business owners, corporations, private partnerships, and trusts can procure hard money loans for commercial property necessities. As a hard money lender with years of experience within the commercial lending sector, we understand the unique needs of business owners and investors alike. GSAGE Capital works with you directly to ensure our loan meets your criteria, while providing the best rate with reasonable terms.

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 Working with GSAGE Capital means you will receive funds fast. This allows you to quickly move onto your next development project, or protect your property in a timely manner. Our financial professionals work tirelessly to offer competitive rates on bridge and hard money loans for our customers.

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