Franchise Financing

Driving higher revenue is constantly of the utmost importance for franchise owners. Yet purchasing a franchise, or making significant improvements to an existing venture, takes capital. If you want to reach more customers, expand, and drive higher revenue, franchise financing may be the way to go.

GSAGE Capital will work with you directly to determine your specific needs and structure a loan accordingly. Not only are our financing solutions tailor-made, but our loans are also delivered quickly so you’re able to focus your efforts on your business.

Franchise Funding Solutions

Our experienced financial experts have helped provide funds to franchise owners for many years. We understand that whether you are a first-time owner, looking to purchase additional locations, or refinancing, we have a program that will work for you.

Perhaps you need cash for your initial franchise purchase or to improve your current location. We also work with clients who require capital for ownership costs associated with upgrading equipment, remodeling, repairs, new construction, or real estate purchases. Whatever your franchise needs may be, we are honored to aid in your entrepreneurial journey.

Our minimum loan amount is $250,000

franchise financing services from GSAGE

How to get funding for a franchise?

When you are looking for different ways to raise capital for a franchise there are a few options that you can consider. A common route to get the proper funding is obtaining an SBA Loan. The Small Business Administration has a variety of different loan programs that can be used for funding a franchise. The goal of an SBA loan is that it is intended to help a business grow up to 90%, minimizing the risk financially for you, the lender, and the future business owner. You can use an SBA loan to open a franchise, however, you must meet certain requirements to receive the funding. First, the franchise must be listed in the SBA franchise directory for a franchisee to be considered for a loan.

There are also franchise-specific loans from lenders like GSAGE capital. These would be on the higher end starting a 250K and if you qualify you can have the benefits of other services provided by the lender. This could mean future loans for more growth such as equipment that you may need for your franchise.

Some other but riskier options would be to consider a home equity loan or even a retirement rollover. There is no guarantee of the success of the franchise so taking this approach comes with more risk.

Benefits of SBA franchise loans

Knowing what SBA loans can be used for is a great start at seeing their benefits of them in general. For example opening a franchise in a new location, buying an established franchise from a prior franchisee, or even scaling the one that you already have. Many times an SBA loan will require a lower down payment than traditional bank loans to get you started. The time of repayment on an SBA loan can be longer than a traditional loan allowing for smaller monthly payments and providing more time to pay back the loan. Government backing of these loans is another excellent benefit. A lender knowing this may be more attracted to obtaining this as there is a guarantee from the government. As a last benefit to mention there are resources available for SBA loan recipients such as resources, support from the SBA organization, and at times training.

Our Loan Solutions

Often, corporate offices require equipment upgrades or specific remodeling of franchise structures. These expenses can be difficult to cover without risking closure or dipping into working capital. Fortunately, franchise loans and financing options are available to provide the necessary funds to facilitate these adjustments.

At GSAGE Capital, we are pleased to offer exceptional rates, with excellent terms. Additionally, we pride ourselves with a swift application process, involving minimal paperwork and quick processing. It is our privilege to assist business owners in obtaining the funding they desire before opportunity passes.

Contact our esteemed financial specialists to discover how franchise financing can help you accomplish your business goals.