SBA 7a and 504 Loans

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You’re making moves and while operating a business isn’t easy, you are on the path to success. Though your business is just starting, financing is a way to help reach its highest potential.

At GSAGE Capital, we make securing Conventional Business Loans quick, simple, and customized to your distinct needs. As a business owner, we realize you have likely overcome several obstacles along the way. From increased payroll expenses, to fluctuating sales, controlling operating costs, or managing the pressure to expand, you’ve dealt with plenty. The good news is that obtaining the financial tools necessary to aid in overcoming challenges is the easy part.

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 We like to think of a business loan as an investment into your future. Whether you’re looking to purchase inventory, open a new location, enhance marketing efforts, or hire additional staff, we are here to help you grow your business.

The SBA Loan Program was created by the federal government to offer starting businesses the financing they need. SBA 7a and 504 Loans are an effective means for attaining the assets needed to support daily operations. Loans are classified as SBA 7(a) or SBA 504, depending on a few factors that include company size and your Net Operating Income (NOI).


SBA 7a and 504 Loans
SBA 7a and 504 Loans are designed to provide financing for fixed assets, such as real estate, buildings, machinery, at below market rates. The 504 program works by distributing the loan among three parties. The business owner puts a minimum of 10%, a conventional lender (typically a bank) puts up 50%, and a Certified Development Company puts up the remaining 40%.

As an accredited Preferred Financial Services organization, we walk you through the entire process, only partnering with lenders who have been federally appointed. This means your application is viewed promptly by individuals who are authorized to grant approval, without the delay traditional channels often encounter.

What is an SBA 504 Loan?

This is a perfect loan if you are looking for longer-term financing that is focused on fixed assets that contribute to overall business advancement and the opportunity for more jobs to be created. These types of loans are available through Certified Development Companies that are partners with the SBA to directly help small businesses with finance. These loans have fixed interest rates with terms up to 25 years, so it can truly be a vehicle for growth.

How much money can I borrow with an SBA 504 Loan?

The max for this type of loan is $5 Million, but there are exceptions for energy projects when the borrower is allowed up to $5.5 Millon per project. This can be used on multiple projects if needed from a business but must not exceed $16.5 million in total.

SBA 504 loan requirements

Your business will have to fall under certain guidelines set by the SBA along with these three as well: the business must operate as for-profit in the USA, the net worth of the business has to be less than $15 million, and the net income must also be less than $5 million.

For more information regarding this specific type of loan visit the site here.

What is an SBA 7 a loan?

This is a very common loan for the SBA program and is normally a great option when real estate is part of what the business needs. Some of the common uses outside of real estate for this type of loan are: working capital that you may need for the business to function, refinance your current business debt, and even furnish your business with items such as furniture.

How much money can I borrow with an SBA 7 a loan?

The max that you can borrow with this type of loan is $5 million dollars, and the eligibility comes down to three main factors which are: how is income received from the business, credit history, and where the business operates. GSAGE is here to help determine which is the best loan choice for your needs as well. The benefits of this loans compared to traditional banks is that you will have smaller interest amounts and the approval process can be quicker due to the SBA organization.

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